Try out a group this Lent

Lent is a good time to dig a little deeper on your Discipleship Pathway. Join one of the Sunday groups beginning February 18 as we explore further the sermon series, The Third Day: Living the Resurrection by Tom Berlin. Sunday groups meet 9:30-10:30 a.m.

It's gameday!

We want to CONNECT with YOU for some games and fun! Play time is back on Sunday, Feb. 18 from 2:00-4:00 pm in the Christian Life Center. For all ages. Bring a friend!

It's Easter Meal time

Every year, we collect items for our Easter Meals distribution. Linda Blue leads us in the collection -- and she leads the team of folks that package these meals for distribution. Linda has created the list of needed items that you can find below. When you are at the grocery story, please pick up a few extra of these items and bring them to church. You'll see the collection bins by the sanctuary and CLC entrances during the season of Lent.

Peanut Butter (40oz) X 50
Jam/Jelly (18oz) X 50
Mayonnaise (30oz) X 50
Mustard (20oz) X 50
Ketchup (32oz) X 50
Vegetable Oil (28 oz) X 50
Box Cake Mix X 50
Frosting X 50
Canned Green Beans (10oz) X 100
Canned Corn (10oz) X 100
Egg Dying Kits X 50

Help send youth on Belize mission

The Youth are having their 100 envelope fundraiser, beginning this Sunday. Here’s how it works: at both worship areas there will be a table set up with decorated envelopes labeled 1-100. We’re asking that you prayerfully consider taking an envelope and donating the dollar amount equal to or more than the number on the envelope. All money received will go toward our Juniors and Seniors mission trip in June 2024 to Belize. Once you’ve filled the envelope, return it to the church. All checks should be made out to the church with “youth missions” in the memo. Thank you all for the prayers and support!

Blog Post

If you want to read the blog post Pastor Charla mentioned in her sermon, click the button. Pastor Charla's blog is called, Conversation Again.