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Sermon Series Fall 2015 - Live Like Jesus

Sermon Series - Fall 2015 - Live Like Jesus




Sermon Videos Lent 2016


Sermon Series - Lent 2016 - Days That Changed The World

The Last Supper


Problems with Pharisees


Agony is Not Defeat


Condemned by the Righteous


Jesus, Barabbas, and Pontius Pilate


Loving Bullies


The Meaning of the Cross - Palm Sunday
































Sermon Videos 2015-2016-2017-2018




Sermon Series - Fall 2015 - Live Like Jesus

Sermon 11/15/2015 - Those On The Ledge

Sermon 11-22-2015 - Me? A Minister?

Sermon Series "Share The Story" - Christmas 2015



Sermon Series Winter 2016 -  "Jesus in the Gospel of Mark"

The Baptism of Jesus

The Kingdom of God is Near

Let's Go Fishing

Casting Out Demons

He Taught Them in Parables


Sermon Videos "Days That Changed The World" 2016

Semon Videos "Hope Greater Than You" 2016

Sermon Videos "Keys to Blessed Relationships" 2016

Sermon Videos "Faith At The Movies" 2016

Sermon Videos "Becoming What God Made You To Be" 2016

Sermon Videos "Extravagant Generosity" 2016

Sermon Videos "Down To Earth"  - The Gift of Your Salvation" 2016




Sermon Videos "Wise Choices" 2017

Youth Sunday Sermon, February 19, 2017

February 26, 2017 - 34th Anniversary Sunday Sermon with Bishop Nunn

Jesus in the Gospel of John  - Spring 2017

Faith at the Movies - Summer 2017

The Shack - Special Sermon Series - July 2017

Heroes - August 2017

Marriage Matters - Early Fall 2017

First - Mid-Fall 2017

Mini-Series Sermons Late Fall 2017

Christmas 2017:

Mary's Song (not available)

Zechariah's Song

The Angel's Song

Christmas Eve 2017 - 11 P.M. Service sermon

For God’s Glory, Our Growth, and the World’s Good



Sermon Series - Jesus in the Gosel of Luke

Sermon Series - Saved to Serve

Sermon Series - I Can Only Imagine

Sermon Series - Living Hope

Sermon Series - Paul, Apostle of Christ

Sermon Series - #abundant LIFE





Sermon Videos 2016 - Hope Greater Than You


Sermon Series Spring 2016 - Hope Greater Than You

When Time Are Tough


Seeing The Way Forward


Dealing With Discouragement


Ready - Set - HOPE!


When Life Is Overwhelming
































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