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Fellowship Connection Fall 2018

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It’s Time to sign up for
Groups starting in September!
It’s great to have four choices for services every Sunday but we don’t often get to know people who attend different services. Fellowship Connection groups give everyone an opportunity to socialize with those
we know and those we would like to get to know. There are twodifferent types of groups available. You may join one or both groups!
Small groups
These groups get together once a month. Each group member willchoose a month to host and plan an activity for everyone in that group. In the past, groups have had potlucks and activities at member’s homes
or the church, gone to a play or movie, had a picnic and gone to a dinner theater.
Restaurant Group
These groups get together once a month. Each group member will choose a month to host and select a restaurant. As host, you will choose where to eat and make reservations for the group. Everyone pays for
their own meal.
Sign up
Call or text Laura Gallimore at (505)-670-8980 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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