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Worship Basics

What can you expect during a Good Shepherd service?  Here are some basics:

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Worship Choices

Whatever your preference, we have a service to match your style.  Our Traditional service at 8:30am in the Sanctuary features a performance from our Chancel Choir.  The 9:50 combines a Methodist liturgical worship style with accoustical contemporary music in the Sanctuary.  Our talented Praise Band will have you moving in the Contemporary service at 11:00am in the CLC.  The Chancel Choir again performs during the 11:00 a.m. Generations service  in the Sanctuary. The UMCGS Handbell Choir is featured at select times during the year in both the 8:30 Traditional and 11:00 Generations services.  Get our worship schedule here.


Your small children are welcome to attend worship with you.  A children's time is held in each service.  If you wish, a nursery is available for infants through 36 months.


A registration card can be found in the back of the pew in front of you in the sanctuary, or inserted inside the bulletin in the CLC services.  Please fill this card out and drop it in the offering plate as it passes through your row.  We use these cards to welcome our guests and keep in contact with our members.  Prayer requests can be added to the card, as well as special sign-ups using the "Church Activities" section.


An offering plate or basket will be passed through the congregation in each service, allowing members to share their tithes and offerings to God through the local church. As our guest, please don't feel obligated to make an offering.


Pastor Michael offers biblically-based sermons, aimed at helping to relate God's Word to our daily lives.


Our church celebrates communion on the first Sunday of every month in each service.  All who accept Christ as their savior are welcome at the table of the Lord.  You are not required to be a member of our church - or any church - in order to partake in communion.  Our church uses grape juice rather than wine.  In the Contemporary service, communion is offered by intinction - a piece of bread will be given to you that you will dip into a cup of juice.  If you choose to do so, you may kneel at the altar for as long you wish before returning to your seat.  In all other services, you will receive a piece of bread, followed by a small cup of juice.  Again, you may kneel at the altar in prayer for as long as you wish.


We believe that prayer is essential to the Christian life.  If you have joys or concerns, please list these on the registration card and drop them in the offering plate.  You can also contact the church office by phone to communicate your request.  A prayer team will lift your concerns to the Lord, and clergy or specially-trained prayer partners are available to meet with you if you desire.  At the end of each service in the sanctuary, a prayer partner will be available on the front pew to encourage and pray with you.  After the Contemporary service, you can find a prayer partner in the Prayer Room at the back of the worship center.

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