Classes at Good Shepherd

New Classes
The Lenten season begins March 6th this year. So, now is the perfect time to
begin something new in your faith journey. Here are a few NEW small group
offerings for you to consider. Please sign up on the worship registration card
or call the church office.

Invitation to Romans: A short-term Disciple Bible study – 9 week video
study of the book of Romans – begins Wednesday, Feb. 20 @ 6:30

Journey Group – 4 week discussion group focused on the sermon topic –
begins Wednesday, Feb. 20 @ 6:30 p.m.

The Way in Prayer: Companions in Christ series – 10 week class learning
and practicing prayer -begins Thursday, February 21 at 10:30 a.m.

Faith Builders – 7 week group learning to follow Jesus using the Upper
Room devotional as a guide to discussion and prayer. This is an open
group and can be joined at any time. Begins Sunday, March 3 at 9:50

The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus – 6 week Lenten video study
retracing the life and ministry of Jesus Christ – begins Wednesday,
March 6 at 6:30 p.m.

DISCIPLE BIBLE STUDY SERIES – Classes begin Fall 2019

Search Scripture … Find Community

The Disciple Bible Study Series is a core component in adult education at Church of the Good Shepherd.  This program provides people with a working knowledge of the Bible in a small group that becomes an experience in Christian community.  The study format creates the opportunity for people at different points in their faith journey to wrestle with questions and share the way the Bible speaks to them.  Disciple also helps people make time for spiritual growth by establishing a regular time for reading and reflecting on scripture and developing a daily pattern of prayer.  Whether you are new to the study of the Bible or have been a life-long student, you will discover that the fellowship and commitment of Disciple makes studying the scriptures a life-changing experience.

Courses included in the Disciple Bible Study series include:

Disciple I Fast Track (24 weeks)
Overview of the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. Disciple I is a prerequisite for all other Disciple courses, which then can be taken in any order.

Disciple II Fast Track (24 weeks)
Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts

Disciple III Fast Track (24 weeks)
Prophets and Letters of Paul

Disciple IV (33 weeks)
Old Testament Writings, including Psalms and Proverbs, Gospel of John and Revelation

Jesus in the Gospels (30 weeks)

Comparative study of the four Gospels

For more information contact Cathy Childers via email: