Caring Ministries

GriefShare support group
If you are grieving the loss of a friend or family member, you are facing many deep emotions. GriefShare Christian support group provides a loving, safe place to sort your feelings out. In this 13 week group you can learn that your emotional and physical experiences are expected. You will receive healing and comfort and begin to find joy again. Learn more and register at
DivorceCare support group
If you are separated from your spouse or anticipating divorce your life will be challenging and full of pain. You may be feeling confused and isolated. In this 13 week DivorceCare Christian support group you will find tools, teaching and support to deal with your emotions and pain. Learn more and register at
A support group for single parents. The group tackles such issues as finances, discipline, and dating. You will find hope and friendship. Offered in September and January. Register at
Companions in Christ
We are each on a journey whether we like it or not. If you are ready to respond to God’s call for ever-deepening communion and wholeness, begin this journey now. Introduction begins September 5, 2019, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.. Sign up by contacting Rev. Linda Truitt at 405-324-1900. Click here to go to Companions in Christ registration